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Adult Education Survey

    • Please fill out the survey below to help us help you with our adult education offerings over the next several weeks.
      - Times of classes will be determined based on your responses.
      - They will be presented on the Zoom platform.
      - Some classes will have a basic student workbook that you can print out at home.
      - Clicking on an option does not mean you will need to sign up for the class.
      - Your participation in the survey helps us understand our community's needs and interests at this time.

      Please read through the options below and click all that interest you.
      Please submit your answers by Friday, April 24, 10:00 AM 

      Thank you!

    • Judaism At Home

    • A five-part Jewish literacy series about how Judaism is observed at home, which is particularly relevant at this time, when the only place Judaism can thrive is at home.

      This series will touch on many areas, ranging from the things we do upon waking, to how we eat our meals, elements of prayer, and the basics of Shabbat. Each lesson will include guidance, in the style of DIY, as well as deeper insights about why we do what we do.

      Each lesson will run for approx 60 minutes.

    • Ethics of our Fathers

    • A four-part series on Ethics of our Fathers.

      After the Jews left Egypt, they embarked on a period of self-refinement and character improvement. This was critical in order that they be worthy of receiving the Torah on Shavuot. While counting the Omer, we too try to perfect our character. To assist in achieving this goal, we study Pirkei Avot - Ethics of our Fathers, the tractate which is devoted to piety, humility, kindness and ethics.

      Each class will focus on a specific Mishna. Including, the meaning of the Mishna, biographical notes of the particular sage who is quoted, relevant stories and meaningful insights.

      Each lesson will run for approx 30 minutes.

    • Days of Note

    • Between now and Shavuos, we will take the opportunity to enrich our appreciation of a number of noteworthy days on the Jewish calendar:

      The period of sefirat Haomer (and the mitzvah of sefiras ha’omer)
      Pesach Sheni - Second Pesach
      Lag Ba’omer
      Shavuos (the concept)
      Shavuos DIY

      Each lesson will run for approx 60 minutes.

    • Tales to Inspire

    • These classes will include a series of select powerful stories on relatable themes and provide relevant lessons to inspire us every day of our lives.

      Each lesson will run for 15–30 minutes.

    • What are your thoughts?

      Pick one or pick all. We really want to know what you think. Our schedule will be based on your feedback.

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