• Welcome to High Holidays 5781!

    This year will be unlike any other. Our mission is to be here for you, and provide you with the most meaningful, authentic and uplifting High Holiday experience possible. In response to community demand, and with strict medical oversight, Chabad will be hosting indoor High Holiday services with limited seating, as well as short outdoor tent services. 

    It is critical to note that in Jewish law, Pikuach Nefesh, the mandate to save lives, is above all else. At a time of year when our most powerful prayers ask, “Who will live and who will die?”, we humbly take on the core responsibility for protecting life, in our synagogue and the wider community.  Whether services are open or not, YOUR health comes first. We urge every community member to carefully consult with their own physician before making the decision to participate in services.

    If your health is vulnerable or you do not feel comfortable attending, please do not come. 

    Traditional High Holiday Services: There will be limited, socially-distanced seats available in our air conditioned sanctuary, and no walk-ins will be allowed. You must reserve a seat for each service you plan to attend in person. You must reserve a seat for each service you plan to attend in person. Masks will be required.  See below for indoor services guidelines.

    Inspirational Service +  Shofar Blowing:  During the second day of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Day we will be providing a 30 minute outdoor service under a tent, that will include a Shofar Blowing and/or Yizkor, several selected prayers, and short words of inspiration. 

    Spiritual Seats: For those who have always reserved a seat for the Holidays but will be unable to attend Services in person; we are offering you the option to still be part of our Service. By purchasing your Spiritual Seats, the Chazzan will include your names in the prayers, and you will be helping support Chabad, thereby giving you the sense of belonging and the powerful Divine merit of Holiday attendance. 

    Holiday Gift & Prayer Book:  We will be offering a holiday Gift Box, for a taste of the Holidays at home. As well as a Machzor for home use.

    Pre-Holiday Classes & Inspiration:  We will be offering classes and DIY training to inspire services at home as well as recording and sending out the High Holiday Sermons before the holiday.

    What you need to know about The Shul’s In-Person High Holiday Service 5781:
    We will be offering indoor services for:
    a. Rosh Hashana Eve
    b. Rosh Hashan Day One & Day Two
    c. Kol Nidrei
    d. Yom Kippur Morning
    e. Neila
    2. All indoor services will strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines, with masks required to be worn by all participants.
    3. Pre-registration is mandatory due to capacity concerns.
    4. There will be no Kiddush, meals or social gatherings, only prayer services.