No matter your background of affiliation, if you're curious about observing more mitzvot or simply seeking a better understanding of Jewish culture and tradition, we have the place for you. Choose from an ever growing range of programs designed to offer serious Jewish learning. Created for the needs of the community, our programs meet all levels. All classes are presented at a comfortable pace and there's always something for everyone.  

You'll find expert and dynamic instructors along with engaging intellectual climate for learning that stimulates and encourages questions, dialogue and critical thinking. The lectures are relevant, inspirational and often include lively in-class discussions. New and exciting courses each semester provide you with a continuing learning series that give access to the wealth of Jewish scholarship, and practical instruction about the basic obligations of Jewish life.


Torah Studies
Your Weekly Dose
Weekly Torah Study
Based upon the weekly Torah portion or approaching holiday, these classes focuses on basic and fundamental Jewish concepts as they relate to our daily lives
Hebrew Reading Crash Course
"Read It In Hebrew"

Hebrew Reading Crash Course
One-on One Study
One-on One Study
Have some questions? Looking for answers? Want to study some Torah? Need someone to learn with?

You pick the Jewish topic.
 You pick the text. You pick the time.
JLI Courses
Crash Course in Jewish History